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Creative Viewing

Focusing on the creative side of the music and fashion industries.

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“It all started in a coffee shop in London while I was waiting for a music PR to come and meet me on a cold Tuesday morning in Shoreditch. While getting to grips with the London lifestyle I followed my stereotype of the business man in London and wore a long black coat, some smart shoes and got myself a hot chocolate and chocolate muffin to go. Half way down the street following Google Maps on my phone, my phone rang and I ended up in another coffee shop for another thirty minutes while I waited for the PR to get a grip on life.

As I entered the next coffee shop and opened up the Mixmag magazine I had brought with me there was a small brunette sat by the window next to me flicking through pictures on her iPad. After watching what she was doing for a couple of minutes, I politely asked what social site(s) she was using. That night Creative Viewing was born on Tumblr, it was very similar to what I had on my own Pinterest already but this allowed all the images to go next to each other and it just worked. It’s a site that allowed everything in my head to come out and play. I never got her name but had the PR been on time that moment and experience would have never happened.”

Creative Viewing

What You Can Expect From Creative Viewing

Unique content with a personal approach.

“Now with digital publications, content can be put together through email and you never get to meet the person until after the post or article is done. Think of Creative Viewing as a bridge that connects you to someone or somewhere new. Think Mixmag x Esquire x Lookbook, think high street fashion more than Saturday night social. In terms of content it will be written from an experience. Creative Viewing may be heavily inspired by the electronic music scene but what the blog will be doing is going beyond the DJ and looking at the people that work around them, stepping foot in to other markets and exploring new avenues of anything that inspires us at the time.

It’s all about the creative process, the story behind it, the present day and the next chapter. If theres a story to tell, then were here to tell it.”

Creative Viewing

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