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Discovery: UY


The combination of Middle Eastern and Scandinavian culture is something that outlines Berlin based fashion brand UY. Fanny  Lawaetz from Stockholm and Idan Gilony from Tel Aviv are the two designers behind the unisex garments, founded in Barcelona in 2013. Fanny and Idan began designing and wearing their own pieces while they were fashion design students, and quickly became trendsetters amongst their circle of friends. Soon curiosity grew and the two began to hold small sample sales. As demand increased even more, and the brand UY was born.

UY is inspired by the simplicity of everyday activities and behaviours such as travelling, cultural relations, the underground techno music scene, and the designer’s surroundings in Berlin. The most interesting ideas are not the ones considered trendy by the masses, but something more dramatic and strong. The UY lifestyle is for those who resonate with the simplicity of life, and for those who like to feel free and comfortable. The wearer is fierce and cares about the way they look. The brand is for the invariant- eco friendly, therefore natural fabrics and vegan leathers are used. The goods are not mass produced.

The brand is most at home with the unexpected. Guidelines are clear; the silhouette is minimalistic with clean lines, asymmetric cuts, futuristic shapes, and a raw yet clean finish. The pieces are interesting yet there is a functionality. The unchanging intonation of colour used for UY takes off in dark shades of black, greys, and off-whites. They are easy to match with other colours, and leave space for personal styling.

UY is androgynous; there is no aesthetic division between him and her, old and young. They do not label themselves or their garments. The collections are not labeled according to season, time, or gender. UY stands for honesty, the wearer is invited to feel open and free when choosing what to wear. Uniqueness is conveyed through irregularity. 




After graduating from High school in Tel Aviv with a major in art, Idan moved to New York City for one year. Following his year abroad, Idan went back to Tel Aviv, and began to study costume design. When the program was complete, Idan continued to study fashion in Barcelona, and graduated with a BA in Fashion Design.

Idan has since completed fashion internships with “Tom Schott NYC” as well as Berlin based brand “Obscur” working on Paris fashion week with them. Idan now lives in Berlin, known as the artist capital of Europe where the brand UY is based. 


Fanny studied fashion design and textile while in high school in Stockholm. Upon graduation, she worked in retail shops while taking courses in visual merchandising, styling, and complicated dressmaking.

In 2011, Fanny moved to Barcelona to pursue more courses in fashion studies, spending two years, and later meeting her business and creative partner Idan.

The two began working together and have since moved to Berlin where they are surrounded by inspiration to build their brand UY.

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