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Fashion: GALL “Creativity & Functionality Conquers All”

Gall Women's Collection: Spring/Summer 2015

With the collaboration of two minds, one from New York City, and the other from Rome, Gall is a brand dedicated to the construction of ambiguous style clothing with impeccable quality 100% crafted in Italy. Gall’s garments are innovative, their designs are experimental, fabrics are high end, and prints are unique. Gall is created for the edgy man or woman who sees no boundaries in life.

Gall Founders: Chiara Nardelli & Justin Michael

Gall Founders: Chiara Nardelli & Justin Michael

Gall does not mass produce and therefore pieces are only available through special order or in showrooms available in select cities including Milan and Shanghai. (Special orders can be made through their website). 

Gall Women's Collection: Spring/Summer 2015

Gall Women’s Collection: Spring/Summer 2015

To find out more about the brand, follow Gall on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or check out the designer’s Blog The Diary of Gall” to see what they are up to.

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