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A 24 hour marathon in Ibiza at Music On & Circoloco

Marco Carola

For someone who isn’t the biggest Marco Carola fan, spending all that money on coming back for New Years in Ibiza was a gamble! Luckily, we had Sven Vath and a host of Circoloco residents awaiting at DC10 if all went wrong! Luckily, Marco Carola won me over and I have to admit his six hour set was majestic. Jamie Jones also won me over with a really solid set that was probably the best set I’ve seen the Hot Creations co-founder play. At Dc10, Cassy was the highlight, by the time Sven had left the decks I was a fragile man, but that didn’t stop me powering on until the end! Here’s my review! Enjoy!


After two incredible seasons on the island and a residency at Story in Miami, Marco Carola brought his Music On party back to Amnesia a lot sooner than we thought. This was a historical event: the last time Amnesia opened its doors for New Years Eve was back in 2002, back then, it was more of a local affair for the islands residents. This New Years Eve had international appeal as the world gathered in union to create one of the best crowds I have had the pleasure of partying with. The line up wasn’t bad either with Jamie Jones, Leon, Pan-Pot, Mar-T, Marc Antona and island favourites Neverdogs all joining King Carola who headlined and closed out the event with a majestic six hour set.

There is no better sight on the island when the Terrace of Amnesia is in full flow. The Terrace was beautifully decorated with festive fairy lights and a life size Music On pendant hung over the centre of the dance floor. The night began with a Vodka and Orange like most nights do, hanging around on the steps to the left of the booth watching ‘em before it was time to join ‘em. Behind the decks was Jamie Jones, looking relaxed and cool as ever in a dark plain tee and skinny jeans as he settled into a solid groove of repetitive beats that proceeded with an element of funk. When Jamie plays like this, he really does have a distinctive and recognisable sound. His sound has a harder-edge to it, low wobbly basslines with electro tinges as his head rolls in a forward motion in unison to the beat. Jamie Jones set flew by, it really was a lose-yourself-in-the-moment experience. Before you knew it was 6am and there was a buzz about the Terrace as Carola graced the booth for the first time. The transition from Jones to Carola was effortless, the two posed for a photo before Carola locked into his groove. Carola almost broke a smile.


The straight faced DJ does not let out any emotion when he is behind the decks. Some DJs just have this ora about them, they step into a DJ booth and control the crowd. There was no distractions, just a raw and stripped back venue that becomes even better when the sunlight takes over. As morning came, the Terrace was packed, the VIP sections were full, Music On has become one of the leaders for the VIPs, and that’s not a bad thing. Everybody wanted the best view possible of their hero and he didn’t disappoint. This was a different Marco Carola than I had seen at the Amnesia Closing party, he was majestic, transitioning from one track to another with ease, keeping the crowd interested as they cheered with every bassline that got better and better.

At the end of his set, I was questioning myself, the music he was playing, where was it hiding! How do the producers and artists make this kind of music? How do they make it so raw, so energetic and so danceable? Then I began questioning Marco, how does he maintain such stamina, such consistency! How does he keep such a straight face through his sets, knowing what is coming, knowing how the crowd will react! He didn’t seem to be doing anything extraordinary, it wasn’t like he was mixing in three or four tracks together and showing off, he was just playing bassline driven techno and the crowd were loving it, eager for more! Crowds come in thousands every weekend to see this magician play music and when he does, they just never leave. If it wasn’t for licensing laws and maybe Dc10, we would still be there now, dancing away, escaping reality, while Marco slowly swayed from side to side with the odd techno flick here and there!


DC10 New Years Day 2014

On to DC10. Walking into Dc10 in the sunshine, mid afternoon is one of lives simple pleasures. The weather was summer like and it was a shame that most of the Garden area was closed off. The famous Terrace has that feeling of freedom, where anything goes. The club at the bottom of the airport runway really is an island treasure, the whole place embodies the islands spirit, a bit for everyone and a continuos flow of music that raises the standards of DJs when they play there.

This party began with a beer, a nice cold, beer! Cassy was on the decks, she looks like she was in a good mood, dancing around in the booth, smiling from ear to ear. The crowd was yet again amazing! Some fresh faces were about, some were still wearing the same clothes as a few hours ago (me!) carrying on where they had left off, in party mode, all that had changed was the location and the DJ(s), the mood was still the same. Cassys set a highlight. Every time I have seen Cassy Britton play she just hits the spot, it’s becoming a bit of a habit of hers. Classic tracks ‘Get Down’ by Paul Johnson and ‘Flawless – The Ones’ added a nice blend as the Brit was relentless with waves of acid, house and techno. With the terrace was rocking and Mattias Tanzmann continued on where Cassy left off. Tanzmann is a DJ who has grown with the sound of Circoloco, a heavily tech-house set filled with snappy percussion that got the hips shaking and the pulse racing!

Before we knew it, it was pitch black in the Terrace. Dan Ghenacia was next, earlier than scheduled leaving the Terrace closing slot to Jose de Divina with Dyed Soundorom joining Shonky in closing the Main Room. The man who really took this Circoloco New Years Day special to a whole new level was Sven Vath! Over a decade ago, Sven Vath revolutionised the island with his brand of techno, breaking the hold the of English promoters. His set was intense – proper techno! In my fragile state, it was maybe a little intense for me at the time! Len Faki’s ‘Octopuss’ whirled around the Terrace, Sven had a huge smile on his face the whole set, embracing the ‘anything goes’ spirit of Circoloco wearing a red nose, raising his hands in the air as he took advantage of a rare appearance on the Terrace.

The night ended in the main room with two thirds of Apollonia: Shonky and Dyed Soundorom back-to-back! The dance floor in the Main Room was packed, Jaydee – Plastic Dreams still sounds as good as ever, those chimes will never get old. What a party! What a New Year. Ibiza could well be an all year round resort but now we go into hibernation and await those summer months. The opening parties are just five months away, its time to start that countdown for yet another frantic Ibiza season!

Words by Andrew Leese (Ibiza Media / Ibiza Club News / Creative Viewing)

Photography Credit – Feature Image: David Pareja (Amnesia Photography Team) // Middle Images: Charles Turner Photography // Cassy at Dc10 –  Nic (Essential Ibiza)

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