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Sets you should listen too from The BPM Festival because they’re well good!

Richie Hawtin & Dubfire DJing in a Taco Resturant

BPM Festival in Mexico just looks ridiculous! I love that word! It sums up everything in life that just doesn’t seem fair! All the best things in life are UNFAIR and RIDICULOUS. Richie Hawtin and Dubfire DJ’d for two hours in a TACO RESTURANT! Waaah! Ridiculous! (See picture above).

If we could all afford a ten day trip to Mexico life would be pretty good like, but we can’t. We’ve all bought ourselves winter jumpers and decided to hibernate and wait until May when the Ibiza season starts again. So for the people who can’t be running around like a nutter partying in the jungle at BPM, (which is most of my Facebook feed), the good people at Be-at-Tv have gone and put webcams about the whole festival and streamed it live. However, their site doesn’t work on a mobile or iPad which is not really good enough in 2014! Boiler Room works on an iPad and it has a Soundcloud page so you don’t have to watch the idiots in the background trying to get close enough to Nina Kraviz to smell her hair.

So yeah, my point. Below is a list of sets you can stream from BPM Festival on Be-At-Tv that are worth watching! This will be updated as we go, because well, there are a lot of sets to go through.

tINI (tINI and the Gang showcase)


tINI is just a well cool human being! We love her face, her hair, her music, her dress sense, her dance moves when she DJs and her girlfriend (she’s pretty hot too!). We love how she hangs around Sirocco Beach every Wednesday in Ibiza welcoming people to her gang and handing out stickers while posing for photos and having a well good time! She also DJs at the end of the night for an hour or two which is well good fun. Afterwards we all go to Fuse at Sankeys Ibiza and carry on.

So tINIs BPM set. It features tracks from herself, Room 305 obvs gets played as it’s just fricking ace. It also features her 2013 summer hit ‘Hot Baxx‘ on Supplement Facts and her new remix of Tiger Stripes – Sister out soon on Desolat. There is also tracks from Avatism, Dana Ruh and Jerome C – you should like these guys on Facebook – they’re good. Favourite part of the set comes mid way through (about 42 minutes to the hour mark) when tINI plays the Marcel Dettmann remix of ‘Those Hidden Hands – Laika‘.

Listen to tINIs two hour BPM Festival set here on Be-At-Tv.

PS…. That photo of tINI above where she’s smiling, dancing and DJ’ing at the same time – I took that while stalking her at Eastern Electrics Festival in August 2013 so if you’re going to steal it. Don’t. I will hunt you down with a stick and be sick on your shoes! I’m serious!

Solomun (Diynamic Showcase)

Solomun Diynamic BPM

Solomun is the KING. It’s that simple. I didn’t think he was before I saw him as a special guest at Flying Circus in Ibiza. That night, he played B2B with his good buddy H.O.S.H and they killllleeddddd it. Since then I’ve been a fan of both of them and the Diynamic label. They have a real family vibe going on at Diynamic, they have lots of BBQ’s and play some sick as tits music!

So Solomun’s BPM set. The first twenty five minutes take you into this really really dark place. The whole set comes with a track list, except the first fifteen minutes which is a real shame because that is some serious tunage. Oliver Huntemann – Schatten is the tune at fifteen minutes. After that King Solomun does something I’ve not seen him do before, mixing together a few edits of his remix of Noir & Haze – Around. He does this for five minutes or so, and you get a real close up view of him at work on the decks as the camera stays in one position the whole time. Something else I really liked about his set is how he played Len Faki – Octupuss (being championed by Sven Vath ALOT, it’s INSANE) and mixed it into his own production ‘Something We All Adore‘ and then into the beautiful ‘Den Alte‘ (Kolsch) which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Quite a change in direction which shows the versatility Solomun has in his sets at the moment. The last tune is Solomun’s rework of The Foals – Late Night, a well good tune.

Watch out for Solomun’s excellent dancing skills, he’s in a ‘really good place’ during this set. Watch the set HERE on Be-At-Tv.

Mano le Tough (Life & Death Showcase)

Mano le Tough

Mano le Tough is someone I wasn’t very familiar with until May this year. Mano played the Circoloco opening party at Dc10 and after hearing about his set from friends I bought his album and became obsessed with him and his cool dress sense. His shirt in the photo above is from a Danish clothing brand named Soulland – check ‘em out. But because Mano was playing the Life & Death showcase, he of course wore all black for his set at BPM. It’s just standard procedure.

Unlike most of the sets I’ve listen to so far, this set takes place in the day so at the beginning it is a lot more laid back and isn’t in the dark territory that Tale of Us take us into later. The track that kick starts this set is the fucking ridiculous remix of Depeche Mode – Sinner In Me by Ricardo Villalobos. From then onwards, the crowd don’t stop moving and I didn’t either. The other highlights are when he plays four remixes from Ame, Barker & BaumeckerMartin Buttrich and Marcel Dettmann in a row. I have fell in love with the forthcoming Ame remix of Sailor & I – Turn Around - it’s delightful & it’s out soon on Life & Death – of course it fucking is! Also Marcel Dettmanns remix of Bad Kingdom – Moderat is a well good tune, as is the last track of the set by Motor City Drum Assemble!! Top set Mr. le Tough!

Listen to his set by clicking HEREEEEEE! 

Sailor & I – Turn Around (Ame remix)

Tale of Us (Life & Death Showcase)

Tale of Us

Tale of Us sets from Week 6 & 9 from ENTER. are the most played mixes on my mixes section on my iTunes. The duo absolutely dominated my life from April onwards and they deserved to be voted #2 in the RA Top 100 poll. Before I came to Ibiza in August 2013, I saw Tale of Us twice, both in Manchester at Visionquest 13 and Parklife Festival. At Parklife I was lucky enough to get a picture with them after watching their whole set five metres behind the decks as I worked for the Parklife Social Media team!

Their one hour forty five minute set BPM Festival is exactly what you would expect from them. There is this incredibly unique sound to their sets, deep moving emotional electronic music with waves of house, techno and tinges of acid is the only way I can go about describing it. There is this insane remix of The Knife – Pass This On by Dahlback & Dahlback, I’m guessing that is John & Jesper Dahlback, if so, that’s a real change in sound! I have only listened to this set in a pair of iPhone 5 headphones & I had to take them out for a second, God knows how fucking good it sounds in an actual pair of headphones!

At the end things get really naughty. There is a new track from Ten Walls aka Mario Basanov called Walking with Elephants which is probably going to be out on either Innervisions or Life & Death in the summer, an incredible remix of Fango – Wek by Despejado and the unreleased Mind Against – Several Times. As they have done in many of their recent sets, Tale of Us finish up with their own remix of Primitive People by Mano le Tough (serious tune of 2013 contender!).

Listen to their set here on Be-At-Tv.

PSS…  if you’re interested Clare & Lydia behind the Beating Off Music blog have done two excellent articles on Fango & Ten Walls (Mario Basanov) – check them out in the links below & give their social network channels a like & a follow.



Adriatique (Diynamic Showcase)

Solomun Diynamic BPM

Adriatique is a name that I cannot spell no matter how many times I try. The Swiss duo who are both named Adrian were apparently responsible for some of the best music on island of Ibiza last summer and I missed it all. ALL OF IT! That won’t be the case in 2014 as I’ll probably be attending most of the Diynamic showcases no matter how good the line ups are at Carl Cox around the corner at Space. Sorry Coxy! Even Coxy will admit that King Solomun really has put together a very talented young family at Diynamic.

I’m going to put this out there and say this is the best BPM set of them all! They have this real dark edge to their sound that just oozes out of sound systems, it’s similar to what makes me love Tale of Us so much. Their set starts off with Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants, and then from then on we are taken on an hour journey of subtle and melodic house cuts mixed together. This really is a duo you should all be watching out for – their new EP on Culprit LA is what Will.I.Am would call Dope, and what we would call a well good EP. Go buy it. Unless you get music sent for free by PR’s, then you can just click download and save and enjoy it over and over again like I did.

Resident Advisor have put this set alongside Solomun in their top highlights of The BPM Festival so it’s gotta be good! Great minds and all that! I have listened to it at least five times. IT’S THAT GOOD!

Watch their set HERREEEEEE.

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