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Creative Viewing Discovers Marquis Hawkes

marquis hawkins

I’m always on the look out for new artists to obsess over. There has been a few over the last year, Eric Volta, Anthony Naples, Leon Vynehall, Mano le Tough and Mario Basanov and his Ten Walls. The first artist of 2014 that has really made me stop and think is Marquis Hawkes. It’s quite an unusual name really… Marquis? Is it like Marcus? Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll interview him and find out. Marquis comes from the UK, where exactly I’m not sure, but he resides somewhere in Berlin (yup, another one). His first break came in 2012 with an EP on the Dixon Basement Avenue imprint and in 2013 he had releases out on Higher Forces at Work and Sex, Drugs & House (great name – listen to the EP below).

I have George Fitzgerald and his Radio 1 Residency show to thanks for this discovery. After liking Marquis on Facebook I discovered he had recently done a XLR8R podcast, so he’s already been pushed to the major websites by who ever is looking after him. He’s also put out a top ten tracks on Resident Advisor this week (check that out here). This artist won’t be a secret for long! One thing I always look at when listening to a mix from a new artist is the track list, some websites provide one, some don’t, luckily XLR8R do.

Download Marquis Hawkes XLR8R podcast here.

The first track is from Moodyman, so that’s a hell of a start right there! Looking further down, there is the classic ‘Deep Inside’ by Hard Drive, two tracks from Omar S, a classic from Kerri Chandler, one from Rick Wade and Step or Stone by Leon Vynehall, a track I heard in the summer in Ibiza and one I am still literally obsessed with now. There is also one of his own productions chucked in half way through, ‘Tunnel’. This mix is quite different from the recent sounds I’ve been listening too, Marquis own productions have that old school Chicago feel but I’m not one for musical genres and putting things in boxes so I’ll let you make up your own mind on the mix & his productions. My sound is always expanding, going back and fourth between house and techno depending on the daily mood and whether or not I’ve had breakfast. This morning I’ve not had it yet… so God knows what that means.

So where else can you discover Marquis Hawkes? If you’re a follower of club night Mono_Cult you can catch him there alongside Detroit Swindle at their 7th Birthday, he’s also booked for the Music Is Love showcase at Sankeys Manchester on February 14th.

Follow Marquis Hawkes on Soundcloud here.

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