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DISCOVERY: Lorenzo Dada (Culprit LA / Sonora / Dilate / Akbal)

Lorenzo Dada

At Creative Viewing there are a few things we try and live by. Our main two interests are fashion and music – mainly electronic. We live and die by three words – creativity, lust and discovery. In early February we came across Dilate Records – an English based record label with a distinctive sound and similar music taste to us. Their eight release came from an Italian named Lorenzo Dada – a classical trained musician who combines classical music with electronic – he’s like an Italian version of Guti but a little less well known (for now). Ever since discovering the release, we have been lusting over Lorenzo’s Soundcloud stalking him quietly, checking out his label ‘Sorora Records’ (translates to sound’) and waiting to find out a little more about the artist who has not one, but two versions of a live set – one of them includes a grand piano – the other includes a keyboard that replaces the piano when venues can’t quite facilitate for this talents.

In the recent Ibiza Club News Magazine, they include not one but two features on Lorenzo. The Italian has become the latest member of their ICN Introducing podcast and alongside that, they have provided an ‘iNSiGHT’ into Lorenzo’s talents. One of the questions asks about his background….

“I come from a family of musicians, most importantly my father who is a well-known musical composer/pianist. My career probably started at the age of four when I really started to follow and study under him. At the age of thirteen I was asked by the prestigious Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome to enroll in their programs with a focus on Piano, Armory, Composition and Electronic Music. In 2oo4 I started composing my own music, which followed by creating my label Sonora Records in 2oo7 as a place to release my work.”

Lorenzo Dada

Like many artists that are now breaking through, Lorenzo was inspired by his father. Now he’s inspiring others and showcases new untouched talents on his label Sonora. An artists who has played a huge part in his rise to fame is Jay Haze, the two collaborated together creating a track named “Echno Park” before releasing his label with a track that Jay went on to remix. 2014 has been a hugely successful year so far, Dada is currently preparing an EP for Culprit LA after he released a track on the imprints “Above The City” compilation.

“I split my year living between Rome and Los Angeles, so this release was very important to me as I feel deeply connected to Culprits sound and I always receive so much inspiration from the city.”

To find out more about Lorenzo Dada and his ‘Sorora’, follow the link below and listen to his Ibiza Club News mix.

Ibiza Club News Magazine – Issue 6 – iNSiGHT : Lorenzo Dada

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