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Dixon Uncut

As one of the three guys behind record label Innervisions, Dixon and the duo Ame has brought us timeless releases from AgoriaTen Walls and Michael Gracioppo to name a few. As a DJ, Dixon also produced mind-blowing performances at ParadiseCocoon and We Love in an Innervisions Showcase in September.

In the interview below Dixon is allowed to speak his mind, talking about the electronic music scene through his eyes and how he manages to protect Innervisions from being branded by music blogs and magazines. We think Dixon just did his very own DJ Pierre interview.

“If long-term thinking is the basis, you’re going to die, if you’ve got one big hit and just repeat that four times. That’s why I believe it’s really important to not satisfy this demand. Only very few people can handle this balance act between giving and withholding.” – Dixon

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