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Hi Mario Basanov. Creative Viewing likes you & your Ten Walls

Mario Basanov Ten Walls

So in the summer there was a mysterious producer by the name of Ten Walls who took the “underground” music scene by storm with his tracks on Life and Death and Innervisions. HOW COULD AN UNKNOWN FROM LITHUANIA OF ALL PLACES BE THIS GOOD & RELEASING MUSIC ON THESE LABELS? It had to be a DJ or producer working under another name or an alias! How cool is the word alias?

It turned out it was. Ten Walls is in fact Mario Basanov. So now that the secret is out, Mario Basanov is the most exciting name in electronic music and he’s enjoying the rewards of his split personality with tours in Australia and more than likely bookings flooding in for festivals and of course IBIZA! Please let their be a Life & Death showcase in Ibiza this year, please! Even if it’s at ENTER., even better if it’s at ENTER.! All I ask for is DJ Tennis, Tale of Us, Mano le Tough and of course Mario Basanov in Ibiza on the same line up.

So if you’ve read our “Well good sets” article from The BPM Festival, you’ll have read about the new Ten Walls track ‘Walking With Elephants“. Listen to it below. Mario has also put together a mix for I-D Magazine, you can listen to that, below what you should already be listening to.

Now Mario is being a bit shy these days with the press & isn’t doing much in terms of interviews, he’s confused bless him. But our good friends at Beatsbook did interview him in January 2013, you can give it a read HEEEERREEE.

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