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Rami Deejay & Samsara Brothers – Tonight [Sullivan Room Records]

Rami Dee-jay

NYC based imprint Sullivan Room Records is set to release their new EP July 14th featuring Rami Deejay who’s other production monikers include Bedouin and Pattern Drama. For this release, Rami has also teamed up with his long time friends and former Sullivan Room Residents, Samsara Brothers.

In the original mix by Rami Deejay and Samsara Brothers titled “Tonight”, we experience a pleasant blent of repose and groove. The vocals start out buzzy with a lonely piano tremolo background, before the introduction of the hi-hat which eventually leads into a party clap. The vocals come back whispering the lyrics “It feels like heaven, in you tonight” bringing home how hedonistic this track really is. The breathy production and saliva clicks in these vocals only help convey this.

The remix of “Tonight” by Einsauszwei ruptures into the tune right away and doesn’t waste any time building up. The chopped vocal phrase makes a gasp sound, before the lyrics come through in a whole sentence. The synth walking up and down behind all this makes for a very successful take on the original. Niki McNally’s Remix starts out vocal heavy, similar to the original, although once the kick drum comes in it becomes evident that it wont be this way for long. The fluttery synth and pulsing textures conjures up the image of an underwater cartoon. Just after the instrumental break, not quite halfway through the remix, it really kicks up making the words “tonight tonight” a launching pad for the remainder of the track.

The last remix in the playlist by Tiersetat’s Flanuered begins with a more consistent kick drum punch compared to the original. The keys fade in slowly and the vocals have been transformed into a chant, reminiscent of being in a church alone. This mix also becomes tame before the full vocal line is sung, but a lot more subtle than the way the last remix did it. Definitely the sangfroid version of the original, but this doesn’t make it lacking in any way, overall another well done remix.

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