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Ibiza Club News interviews Waifs & Strays

waifs and strays

Here is my interview with Amos of Waifs & Strays taken from the Ibiza Club News magazine. Check out the full magazine here

Talk us through the Christmas & New Year period as music artists, there seems to be a lot of travel involved in a very short space of time. Do you get to celebrate the New Year with friends or do the traditional Christmas stuff like cook, pull a cracker and tell an awful joke while wearing a yellow party hat?

When the clock turned 12, we were on the road, with my wife and the driver on the M6 winging it to London. We had a little bottle to toast the New Year, and saw all the fireworks from the motorway – it was kinda fun in a weird way. Christmas was really traditional – family time, lots of food, presents and chilling in the front of the TV. We had a gig on boxing day though, so it wasn’t quiet for long!

You played Fabric and The Warehouse Project on New Years Eve. Both of these clubs have a special atmosphere every weekend, is it that little bit extra special when going into the New Year?

Getting the chance to play a club like Fabric at New Year was such a privilege, its one of the best clubs in the world and consistently delivers week in week out, and new years eve was no different. We also played the main room of Warehouse Project in Manchester on New Years Eve this year so to be able to play at both these two clubs on the same night was something I wont forget!

We have noticed a bit of a gap on your social Facebook page since New Years Eve. Is there any particular reason for this? Still recovering?

Yes, we just decided to have a bit of a break, clear the head, work in the studio. I went away for a free days snowboarding as well. New Years was a long night and the run up over Christmas is always pretty hectic so its good to recharge the batteries a bit.

What’s your opinion on social media with regards to promoting your work in general? Is it something you feel forced to be involved with, or is it something you do enjoy doing and interacting with other artists & your fans?

I don’t know if you HAVE to do it, but social media is a really important in any business these days, especially the music industry. I dont think there are many artists who dont use it. But I really enjoy the interaction with other artists and fans, and am usually pretty active on both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter in more ways than Facebook can be a really good way to engage with people on a one to one basis across the world.

Waifs & Strays

Your name Waifs & Strays describes people who are on the fringe of something. After releases on labels like Hot Creations and Futureboogie to name two, do you still feel ‘Waifs & Strays’ or are you much more comfortable in your surroundings now?

Ha ha, good question! I think when you get used to the travel and playing out regularly you do get more comfortable with the whole process, but to be honest it’s still as exciting as it was a few years ago. The more releases you get I suppose you do feel more part of the scene, but its still a huge buzz to see your tunes released and getting played – I don’t think that will ever go.

What have you got lined up for 2014 and what gigs in the UK have you got lined up where we can see you play?

More of the same. We have some really exciting releases, quite a few collaborations with some really great artists and continuing playing around the UK and further afield. We have shows lined up for Bristol, London, Cardiff, Southampton, Brighton, to name a few in the next few weeks.

Finally, with this being Ibiza Club News Magazine, we have to ask you about Ibiza. When did you first come to the island? What are currently feelings towards the island considering the explosion of electronic music and will we be seeing you on the island this summer?  

I first went to the island in 1997. It was really different then, not necessarily better, but different. I love Ibiza, and have been going ever since that first trip, and my feelings are no different now. I dont think that there is any more of an explosion than there was a decade ago, I mean Manumission used to have 10,000 people a week and Amnesia, Pacha, El Devinos, Es Paradis, Eden were all busy all the time. It can get a bad press, but there is nowhere on earth like it…the clubs, the energy on the island, the beauty of it – its really so amazing. Hopefully we will be back there this summer, its a bit early to say what the dates might be but fingers crossed we will be there a few times over the summer!

You can follow Waifs & Strays on Twitter @2WaifsandStrays. 

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